Hairdresser? I do my Hair at Home

Hairdresser? I do my hair at home.....

I can´t count how often I heard that sentence. I heard it from Friends, Family and customers. And every time I hear that I get a shiver down my spine. Some of you will say: What is wrong with it, I do my hair at home all the time and I like it.


!! The point of it is, not everything that you like fits you !!

I see a lot of people running around with really bad hair


A lot of People can't assess if they are a warm or a cold typ of person.

You can recognize it most of the time on the jewelry that they're wearing, they´re eye color, skin color or the natural hair color.

That´s something your stylist can tell you when you have an appointment.


And the most important question is. What product should I use on my hair?

You walk around in the drugstore and end up on this big isle of diy-hair color.

Wooohhh overwhelming. What is the right thing for your individual hair?

You see that cold beautiful blond that you always wanted and then you take it home with you.

You do everything like you supposed to do.

You wash it out, look in the mirror and then.......




But why is that happening?

First thing the product doesn't know what a natural hair color you have. Is your hair thick or thin?

Is the hair thinner it gets lighter and clearer faster. Is the hair thicker it takes a lot more time to get lighter and to get the yellow out.

If you have a darker natural hair color you need a higher developer for your hair to get it to a nice blonde than someone with a lighter Hair color. But both of you buy the same packet in the drugstore. So will both of you will get the same cold blonde result? 





That´s why the hair ends up to yellow toned most of the time.

The developer is just to weak for your natural hair color or the developer is to strong and damages your hair.

The worst thing is that people going through the lengths and ends with the same color for they're natural roots and destroy they´re hair completely.


Some of those people come to the hairdresser after their diy-session. They're very ashamed oftentimes and they're going to pay the double most of the time.


You want shiny, healthy looking hair that fits your type.

Then get an appointment at your local preferred hairstylist.

In Germany we learn 3 Years to be a licenced Hairdresser and need to do exams.

If you go to a hairstylist somewhere else make sure they are licensed and try to check them on social media like Instagram. That's always a good option to see if the stylist and you will match.


 And I know some of you may have had bad experiences at the hair salon at one point in you're life, but give us a chance. It doesn´t make it better but who has never made a mistake in they're job?!  We are not machines and we still can't to magic ;)



A lot of people think it's too expensive going to a hair salon that's why they try to do it them self at home. But think about it, if you buy a hair color at the drugstore. Invest time ruin your bath at home with all the color splashing around, damaging you're hair and then fixing it at the hairdresser. It comes cheaper for you just going to a hair salon in the first place and getting your hair done by a professional that does nothing else every day of the week. 


And another factor that plays a role in choosing to go to a hair salon is the wellness factor. When you go into a salon you can take some time off, from your stressful life ;)


You can get a nice drink and enjoy a hand or head massage. Some salons even offer a pedicure. (Obviously it depends on the wellness and beauty packages the salon offers, just ask in advance)

Get a hair mask, a really nice styling and leave the salon fresh and happy.  


I hope I could give you a little bit of an inside look and cleared some things up.


see you next time XoXo Steph



Here do you see a few hair colors that my students and I did in my teachings. I hope it gives you an impression of what a good hairdresser can do for you. And all of these are student works. So proud ;)



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